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Chapter 12

Harry’s POV:

She looked gorgeous as always and she was standing meters away from me – something she hadn’t been in too long. Abi hadn’t seen me but she looked around and I hoped that she was looking for me. After seconds she found who she was looking for and it wasn’t me. It was Louis. They walked off together and I was just standing there as I tried to think of why she would want to talk to Louis and not me.

“Harry, can I have a picture?” a girl asked, forcing my attention away from where Louis and Abi had just been standing. I smiled at the girl: “sure, gorgeous”. After taking the picture she grabbed my arm and looked at me: “You do know that Abigail’s here, right?”

“Do you know Abi?” I asked

“Harry, we know everything

I was shocked but then again.. of course they did. We had the smartest fans.
I chuckled a bit. “I bet you do. Well, I’ve only just caught a glimpse of her”

”You should tell her”

“Tell her what?”. What was this girl on about? It was like she was inside my head. Can fans read minds? It scared me a bit.

“How you feel of course, now go!” she shooed me away with an encouraging smile.

Well I wasn’t gonna disobey a fan so I walked in the direction of Louis and Abi.  I wasn’t stopped by any fan that wanted a picture or an autograph. It was like in the movies when the guy goes for the girl.
I saw Louis and Abi talking in a corner and Louis had this understanding and serious face on while Abi was explaining something to him. I walked up to them and Abi stopped speaking and they both looked at me.
“Harry-“ she said, sounding like she was gonna explain something to me too.

I cut her off: “I love you”

The reaction to that sentence wasn’t what I had expected. Louis smiled at me like he had been waiting for me to finally say it and Abi looked at me shocked like she’d never seen it coming. She probably hadn’t. Her expression did change to relieve and happiness though. That was quite comforting.

In a slit moment she looked serious and sorry. “I love Lou”

I was just about to dive into the hole that would dig right then and there until Abi laughed and playfully hit me. “Kidding, of course I love you!”

I grabbed her in to a hug and she wrapped her arms around my neck. We stood there for a long moment. Louis patted my back and walked back to our fans. I heard him say “finally” on the way. That was exactly what I was thinking.

I loosened my grip around Abi and looked into her eyes. It was amazing.

“Finally” I said and kissed her. 

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man the Harry and Emily fanfic gets me every time :') ITS SO BEAUTIFUL x

Aw thank you. It gts me too. I like to sometimes read it again. xxxxx

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Hunnnnn. When are you updating? I love your fanfic. I'm sorry to be naggy. Get your schoolwork done and update pot favor. (;

Updating nooooow! And thank you sooo much! xxxxx

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do you know what is going to happen at the end or are you going with the flow?

I pretty much just go with the flow. I always change my mind about what I think should happen so I can’t really help but change it. I always get some better ideas in the last minute. xxxxx

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Can I just say I love your stories. Absolutely love them. You write so perfectly and ugh just so great. :)

Aww, thank you sososososo much, it always makes my day when I see messages like these. THANK YOU, I adore you, beautiful anon! xxxxx

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update pleeaaase!:)

I’ll update when I can, I have no idea when that’ll be though.. Sorry! xxxxx

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I willllll! I hope to do my comeback when I get some time off. I have so  much to do right now with school, finding work and personal stuff. It’s so stressing, but I really hope that you guys can bare with me! Sorry! xxxxx

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I really like this boom it's really good UPDATE PLEASE

Aw, that’s good! I don’t know when I’ll update again. Sorry! xxxxx