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Harry Styles fanfiction

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Author’s before-note:

Emily Tomlinson, Louis’ little sister. Emily is 17 years old and lives with her mom and brother. Their mom isn’t home a lot due to work but Louis and Emily is doing fine on their own so they don’t notice much. Their mom and dad are divorced and they don’t see their dad too much.

Emily has long, wavy brown hair, interesting grey/blue eyes, not little but not tall either. She’s a bit petite.

The story take place 2 years or so after the X-factor.


Chapter 1:

Forcing myself to stop staring at him had become easier over time. I couldn’t give away the fact that I really liked my brother’s best mate away to my brother. Or Harry of course. I’m so sure they wouldn’t take me serous if they knew. I was Louis’ little sister and it felt like Louis would never let me forget it. He’s a very overprotecting brother. I remember when Louis first brought all of the boys to our house. When they first saw me he said “keep your hands off my baby sister or you WILL get seriously hurt”. Thanks Lou, don’t worry about me getting embarrassed or anything…

I suddenly snapped back to reality when I heard Harry laugh a bit. His laugh was sooo sexy…
“Louis, Em looks like she’s miles away in her mind” Harry said to Louis not noticing that I had snapped back.
“Yeah man, she’s been like that a lot these days. It’s freaky” Louis pulled a funny frightened/disgusted face.
Harry laughed “She’s probably thinking about-“ Harry then noticed me looking at him with a weird expression on my face “Oh, hey Em, welcome back” Harry said, winking at me. Oh my god, you are killing me here Styles.. My brain wouldn’t allow me to form words at the time so I just forced a smile, still looking at Harry.
“You allright?” Louis asked me placing a hand on my arm that was resting on the table. I quickly looked at him “Yeah, of course, I’m good. Just thinking about going out tonight, but I don’t think any of the girls are going out tonight”. By “the girls” I meant the group of girls I was closest with. Narin, Fie and Faidao.
I could tell that Louis was just about to say something when Harry suddenly said “You can come with us! We’re going to this new club opening and we have an extra VIP ticket because Liam isn’t coming because he’s with Danielle tonight”. I looked over at Louis in shock that they would invite me. Louis really wasn’t the one to invite his little sister to party with his hot boy band friends.
He still wasn’t, because I could tell that it was certainly not what he was going to say. Even though I could see Louis not excited about the idea of me going to a wild party, I said yes to the invite and then excused myself to go get ready. And to go flip about Harry inviting me, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a good idea to tell.

I was wearing a little black dress that showed off just a little bit of my not too small but not too big chest and made my ass look very nice and grabable. I hoped Harry would notice. I went with a little bit of smokey eyes and red lipstick as my make-up, put on my red stilettos and took my red and black handbag. I was now ready for my first party with Harry.

When I came downstairs all of the boys except Liam were there and all of their eyes were on me. I suddenly felt extremely confident.
“Have you seen my sister because this hooker certainly isn’t her” Louis joked and as soon as I was all the way down the stairs I hit his arm. “Hey! I do not look like a hooker!” I laughed a bit and punched his arm again.
“Don’t worry, I was just joking! You look good” Louis said grinning.
“Yeah, you look very good!” I heard Harry say. Oh thank god he noticed! I looked over at Harry “Thank you, you guys look very handsome too!” I said looking at all of them and then stopping at Harry so I could take a good look at him without getting caught. He was wearing jeans that sat a bit low on him, so you could see his boxers. Something I enjoyed rather much. He unfortunately had a white shirt and a black blazer on. Not that I didn’t love it though! I would just love it even more if he had gone shirtless. Yeah, I’m just gonna dream on!

We were all greeted by the music blasting and the bass pumping when we got to the club. I could tell that it was gonna be a good night.


Chapter 2:

We walked in to the VIP lounge and quickly got a table. You couldn’t see much because there were a lot of people but it didn’t matter. We were gonna have fun.
“I’m gonna go dance” I said to the boys and made my way to the dance floor. The club was huge and the music became louder the closer you got to the dance floor. I stopped at one of the bars and ordered a couple of shots and before I could even go dance Harry came to bar and ordered even more drinks. We stood there a while, just drinking and I could feel myself getting a bit lightheaded.
“I’m really gonna go dance now, before I’m too pissed to stand up” I laughed and turned to go to the dance floor meters away. A hand grabbed my wrist. I turned to see Harry “I’m gonna go with” he just said and then walked to the dance floor with me.
I started swaying my hips to the music and spun around slowly to appreciate the light spinning of the room that the alcohol gave me. I was almost about to laugh of my own drunk weirdness when I felt two hands grab my hips and pulling me a bit back against another body. I didn’t even bother to look back to see who it was, but I had a good idea of who it could be. I just danced along and did a bit of a sexy dance just because I wanted him to want me just as much as I want him.
With a strict force he turned me around and looked me in the eyes. As I had hoped, it was Harry, and he wanted me. He wanted me bad.
I could feel his breath on my skin as his lips came closer and kissed my neck. You could definitely smell he was a bit drunk, but I didn’t care.
I placed my arms around his neck, pulling him closer while his hands were finding their way down my back and finding my ass. I could feel Harry smile against my skin “God, you have a terrific bum” he whispered in my ear. He then kissed his way up my neck, to my jaw and finally found my lips. It didn’t take long for his tongue to slip between my lips and deepen the kiss.
After less than 2 minutes of making out I could fell a buzzing in Harry’s pocket. He felt it too because he pulled away from the kiss and pulled out his phone with a wondering look on his face. He read the text that he had received and then showed me what it said because the music was too loud to talk over.
“Zayn is feeling ill so we’re going home. Meet us outside in 10 and bring Em. She’s on the dance floor somewhere” the text said. Relieved that Louis didn’t know that we were together on the dance floor we began making our way through the massive crowd of people.

“Hey! Good, that didn’t take too long. Our car is here!” We heard Louis shout at us when we walked out of the club doors. We had pulled our hands off of each other before anyone could see us.

All of the boys went to bed right after we came home to mine and Louis’ house, and so did I even though I couldn’t help but keep thinking about him.


I forced my eyes open and took my phone by the table to look at the clock. It was 12.47 and I had a headache. Luckily I was one of the people who just needed to take some Aspirin and a shower to get rid of most of the hangover.
I walked to the bathroom and got some Aspirin and then went to take a shower. The feeling of the hot water hitting my naked body was so refreshing. After I had been in the shower a while I walked out and began drying myself with the large towel of mine. I took the hairdryer and dried my hair so it wouldn’t soak the clothes I was gonna wear. I walked to my room and took out some clothes to wear.

I decided to wear something a little bit sexy to get Harry’s attention that I craved. I hoped he still wanted me even when we’re both sober. I took on some very short jeans shorts and tugged a simple black top in them. I pulled a see-through cardigan over my shoulders and took some knee high socks and a necklace on. I thought it looked pretty good and it didn’t look like I was trying too hard.
I walked down the stairs to see an empty kitchen. None of the boys was up yet and I was very happy about that because every time they had been to a party and crashed at our place, Harry was always the one to get up first.

Luckily this wasn’t an exception; Harry walked out of Louis’ room in just his jeans. His upper body was toned and you could see his small abs. “Goodmorning” I told him while flashing a smile. He looked up surprised that anyone was up yet. “Hey” he said with his husky morning voice and ruffled his hair. He walked over and stood right next to me in the kitchen. “Uh, about last night..” he began, pausing a little before continuing… *To be continued in chapter 3, see you then!*




Chapter 3:

“Uh, about last night..” he began, pausing a little before continuing: “I was really drunk, I think we both were, and well, you’re Lou’s sister..” he told me and you could hear the guilt in his voice. I was sure he regretted ever kissing me but then what the-? Harry was putting his hand on my waist and playing with the edge of my shorts. Did he even realize he was doing it because it really didn’t match the words he was saying: “..and it wouldn’t be fair to Louis if I did anything to you”. “Harry you wouldn’t be doing it TO me. And Harry?” Harry finally looked right at me with a curious look “yeah?” I smiled of him. He was playing with my shorts and he didn’t even notice. He’s too cute! “Your hand?” I said, then looking down at his hand he quickly removed from my waist “oh sorry, didn’t notice” he said embarrassed. I silently laughed. It was nice to feel a bit on top. I always just felt like the little girl with a stupid crush. Mostly because Louis made me feel like I was so much younger than all of the boys even though I’m only one year younger than Harry!

“Good morning everyone!” Louis said while he walked into the kitchen looking his usual happy self even though he might have a hangover just like us. Harry started to walk further away from me “Hey Lou” he said and smiled oddly at Louis. He obviously wasn’t the best actor. “Morning Lou” I said forcing a smile in Louis’ direction without really looking.
“So who was that girl you where all over last night mate?” I heard Louis say. I looked over at Harry and Louis sitting at the dinner table. Fuck, did Louis see us? He would definitely be furious.
“What?” Harry said surprised and scared that Louis might have seen us together. “Come on mate! Is it anyone I know?” Louis leaned over the table looking ready to listen. He looked genially interested. I knew Harry could see it too when he sighed of relief and said “Oh her uhm, she was a mistake and I didn’t get her name” Louis looked a bit disappointed by the lack of juicy gossip and sat back in his chair. “Aw mate that’s too boring! Why was she a mistake, she looked pretty fit” Louis said smirking at Harry. Ew, my own brother just called me fit.. That’s just wrong!
“Oh yeah she was!” Harry blurred out without thinking and then clearing his throat “I mean, she was fit but she just wasn’t my type” Louis laughed “mate, fit girls are your type!” There was a little awkward silence after that “Ok man, don’t get it but if you say so then I guess it’s fine” Louis finally said looking a bit confused but it looked like he was gonna drop it.

All of the boys eventually woke up and took some breakfast. I could hear them talk very enthusiastic about something but I could hear what.

*Harry’s POC*

“We’ll go get the stuff we need and Harry could you please stay here with Em? I don’t like her being alone” Louis said. He really wouldn’t ask me to do that if he knew what I did.. “Yeah mate of course, I’ll be the babysitter to a 17 year old” I laughed at him. Lou was really overprotective when it came to his sister.

“we’re going then! It’s 5 pm now so we’ll be back in about an hour and a half or so. Oh, and we’ll text people to come at 8 on the way to the market!” Liam told me. I was a bit worried about having a party where Emily was gonna be there again too. I really don’t trust myself around her. She’s so fit and cool and beautiful and.. stop Harry! This is your best mate’s little sister!

*Back to Emily’s POV*

I heard the door close. Thanks for telling me where you’re going Lou.. “What are we watching?” I heard a familiar voice ask me while a body fell down next to me on the couch. I looked to see Harry examine the TV screen to see what I was watching before he came in. “Oh, hey Harry didn’t you all leave?” “No I’m babysitting you while the boys are out getting stuff for the party we’re gonna throw here” he said smilingly looking at me and making himself comfortable on the couch. “Ok then. I’m sure that’s gonna be interesting” I said while smirking. Harry looked away and cleared his throat. I could see he was worried about doing something Louis wouldn’t approve of again.

“So..” I said breaking the silence “I’m fit huh?” I couldn’t help myself from mentioning it. Harry cleared his throat again of discomfort “Yeah but you’re also Louis’ little sister” he said. “I’m only a year younger than you” I said while scooping closer to him and putting my hand on his thigh. Even if he wasn’t comfortable with it I knew he liked it.

*Harry’s POV*

Fuck, she’s so fit.. I could feel her hand rub my thigh a bit and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I needed to touch her. “Fuck, you need to stop that” I said quietly. I knew she wasn’t going to stop but I hoped she would anyway so I could find my self-control again. I felt her body move closer as her hand moved up my thigh. “Don’t you like it?” she whispered in my ear. Her hand was now rubbing the bulge in my pants. By now Louis didn’t exist and it was just Emily and me. I didn’t want her to stop.
She soon stopped rubbing against my pants and began working on opening my belt and open up my pants. She was quite good with her hands so it didn’t take her long.

*Back to Emily’s POV*

I could hear Harry groan when my hand slipped inside his boxers and grabbed his huge erection. “I always knew you were massive” I whispered in his ear, taking my time to form the word “massive” just to let him know how big he was. I brushed my fingers over the tip of his cock and then wrapped my hand around the shaft. I felt Harry harden even further when I began gliding my hand up and down, even though I didn’t think it was possible. I began moving my hand quicker while Harry pulled his head back in pleasure and his breathing become shallow.
I suddenly heard the front door open and quickly pull my hand out of Harry’s pants and sit myself back in the couch. Before the door opened all the way I heard Harry curse while standing up and walking to the bathroom as fast as he could without running.

“Hey Em!” the boys said when they came into the living room where I was sitting. “Just so you know, we’re gonna have a party here at 8 and I guessed that you wanted to join so I would tell you in time so you could use the next hours on making yourself all pretty and stuff” Louis said and then made himself to look like a girl flipping her hair to the side by waiving his hand in the air on the side of his head. We then laughed together “Very nice Lou, very nice! I’m just gonna go to my room then” I said lifting myself off the couch and walking past the guys, to go up the stairs and to my room. “Hey, where’s Harry?” Louis stopped me half way up the stairs. “Uh, I think he went to the bathroom” I told Louis and started walking up the rest of the stairs. A smile formed on my lips without knowing exactly why.
I bumped into my room, laid myself on the bed and started thinking about what was gonna happen at the party.

Chapter 4:

I’d chosen my red pair of skinny jeans with a see-through black lace shirt and a top underneath to cover up my chest.  I let my hair down and put on a bracelet Louis had given me after the boys where in Paris. I went with fading black eye shadow, some mascara and my lips stayed as they were. As I slipped into my black stilettos I sprayed some perfume on my neck and wrist and went out of my room to go downstairs to the party.

When I walked down the stairs I was met by a crowd of people talking, dancing and drinking. I knew the boys were popular but I still didn’t think it was gonna be such a big party. Well, the more people the better. At least if I didn’t want to be seen by Louis when I try to torture Harry.

It took me a while to find Harry even though he was standing out from the crowd by standing up against the wall looking full of thoughts but because he was against the wall it was hard to see him through the dancing people if you weren’t standing close.
“You really shouldn’t look so moody, it gives away that something is going on” I said in his ear so he could hear me over the loud music. I turned to look at him. He was even more handsome when you came up close. “Nothing is going on here. Nothing can be going on” he said looking me strictly in the eyes. Well Harry, when you’re looking like that I can’t help but want there to be something between us. “I’m not so sure about that Harry” I said in his ear as quiet as I could but still so he could hear it and placed my hands on the edge of his pants. He turned his head and tried to avoid my touch.
I worked my hands up his stomach and as I was halfway up Harry grabbed my hand and hurried into a quieter room. Oh no did I take it too far? Fuck, he’s probably gonna yell at me now..

Harry closed and locked the door just as he had dragged me into my room after him. I was mentally preparing to be yelled at when he walked towards me who was standing longer into the room. When he reached me he took me by my thighs and pulled me into a passionate kiss against the closet. I was surprised by his sudden want to do anything with me, but began to kiss back after a few seconds. He was almost aggressive when his tongue forced itself between my lips.
Harry pulled out of the kiss and began kissing me down my neck and to my collarbone. I let out a small moan as he sucked my neck lightly. Harry kissed his way up to my lips again and while kissing he let me down slowly to get off my pants. I stepped out of the pants Harry had pulled off of me and took off the stilettos.
“You just had to go with the see-through one I can’t resist” he said and pulled off my shirt so was just in my floral top and hotpants.
“I think we should get you undressed now” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off him. On my arms’ way down they rested on Harry’s shoulders and went down his torso while I admired his muscles. I smiled up at Harry who was already looking at me. He gently placed his hand on my cheek still looking in my eyes and moved closer to me. When his lips finally were on mine I wrapped my arms around his neck and bored my fingers into his should blades and deepened the kiss. I could feel Harry’s boner press against his pants.
Harry quickly opened up his pants, pulled them down, ripped off my hotpants and picked me up. My legs were wrapped around him and I could feel his massive erection. “You want this?” Harry asked between kisses wanting to make sure that I really wanted to go through with it. “Yes, now fuck me” I said craving him inside me.
Harry moved a little from me and to get able to inter me. I let out a loud moan as he thrusted himself into me. He gave me a few seconds to adjust to his size and then began thrusting again harder. I tilted my head back in pleasure. Harry began kissing my neck as I did so.
I was getting close to an orgasm and I could feel Harry was too. His thrust had become quicker and quicker.
My body tensed up when my orgasm came to surface. Harry kept thrusting until he came too. Harry still moved his lower body haltingly after a few seconds. He then moved away from me and placed both of us on the floor where we had just been standing.

We laid on the floor for a while. “This is so wrong, Em” Harry said quietly looking at the ceiling. “I know but I still don’t want it to stop”

A loud knock appeared by the door.


Chapter 5:

I heard someone try to open the door but when the person behind the door realized it was locked they let go of the handle. “Em, are you in there? Are you alright?” I heard a voice say. I recognized the voice to be Liam. It took Harry and me less than a minute to quietly get dressed. Instead of putting on the outfit I just had on I took on some knew hotpants and an oversized t-shirt.
I signaled Harry to go hide behind the closet where you couldn’t see him when you stood at the door. “Oh hey Liam, what’s up?” I said trying to look surprised and sleepy. “Were you sleeping, I’m so sorry Em someone just told me there was screaming coming from here but he must have been too drunk to tell. I won’t keep you up anymore, sorry for waking you, goodnight” I just stood there listening to him speak with a natural look on my face, trying not to give anything away. “Goodnight Liam” I said as he began walking away.

“Well I think that’s my cue” Harry said walking out of his hiding spot and began walking towards the door. He grabbed the door handle but hesitated. “Em I-“ I quickly interrupted him by putting my hand gently over his mouth, knowing what he was gonna say. I moved my face closer to his face and removed my hands just before kissing him. “Goodnight Harry” I smiled at him.

I knew he didn’t want what I wanted but I just didn’t want him to say it out loud.


I woke up smiling about what Harry and I had done last night. Then I remembered that I knew he didn’t really want the same as me, even if I didn’t know what I wanted. I sighed and shook off the feeling and got in the shower.

I took on a pair of jeans with a plain grey shirt and put in a pair of stud earrings. I could see it was sunny outside so I wanted to go outside for a walk, clear my head and maybe go to a café. I took one of my million pairs of Converse shoes on and went downstairs.
“It’s a little chilly outside so you should take on your jacket” Louis told me when I was about to step outside with the little purse I had picked up knowing that everything I needed was in it. I took Louis’ advice and took on my red summer jacket and a scarf and then went for the door again.

Louis was right. It was a bit chilly. I went into the nearest café and ordered some tea and sat down. As soon as I sat down after taking off my jacket and scarf I noticed someone looking at me from where he was sitting a couple of meters away. I looked him straight in the eyes but even though I had just caught him looking at me he didn’t look away from me. He just kept looking. Well that’s a bit weird of a stranger I didn’t know.

“Here’s your tea miss” the waiter said, placing a hot cup of tea in front of me. I don’t really like burning my tongue on too hot tea so I would just leave to go to the restroom and fix whatever the wind had done to my hair and make-up.
I had just managed to place my hand on the door when I felt a hand on my waist. I turned around surprised and saw the guy that had been looking at me. “Hey” he said with a sexy husky voice. A sudden spontaneous mood came over me that moment. I don’t know if it was the thought of Harry not wanting me or the fact that this guy was mysterious and hot. He was tall with big muscles and blond hair. He looked in his early 20’s but I didn’t care if he was that much older than me. He was hot and I just couldn’t resist.

I pushed me into one of the stalls after noticing in my eyes that I wanted him to and started taking off my clothes and forcefully press his lips to my lips, neck and collarbone.
Once we were both naked he pulled me up against the stall wall and I wrapped my legs around him for support. He ripped open a small plat wrapping and pulled a condom out of it and took it on quickly. He was desperate to have me. He didn’t want to wait another second.
He pressed his full length into me and let me adjust a little. Even though his body was bigger than Harry’s, his cock just couldn’t measure up with Harry’s. It was big but not that big.
I let out a small moan when he slowly began thrusting. As his movements became quicker they also got harder.

Thank you that was very nice” he said after getting on his clothes. I hadn’t noticed his American accent before. “Are you American?” I asked curious to why he was here in England. “Yeah I am actually a little late for my flight so I gotta go. And thank you, this is gonna keep me relaxed under the trip, I really don’t like planes” He said winking. “I’m glad I could help I guess” I said pulling on my shirt, now fully clothed again.
“I’m gonna go out first and you can just follow me after” I said while walking to the door and out of the restroom.
And there he was, looking directly at me like he had been waiting for me all along. Harry. I froze. He smiled at me so I guess he didn’t know what I had just done with a complete stranger in the restroom.
His eyes suddenly went to look behind me and he didn’t look so amused anymore. A moment after I heard the door behind me close and a hand on my waist.
“I’m gonna go now, nice meeting you” the stranger said smiling and walked past me and out of the door. I smiled at him for a second and then returned to look at Harry who followed the stranger with his eyes. When he was out the door he returned the look. There was disgust, anger and hurt in his eyes.

He turned around and walked out the door. I grabbed my things and ran after him.

Chapter 6:

“Harry!” I shouted as I ran. I finally reached him but still had to almost run because he was walking so fast. “Wow Em, that was really slutty of you” Harry told me. “Harry slow down so we can talk properly” Harry slowed down just a little bit and started to preach “Look Em it’s fine if you just wanna go out and shack anyone” he took a moment to think about what he just told me “Actually no you can’t Em, I can’t just let you behave like a slut! You’re Louis’ little sister-“ “Yeah and you will never let me forget it!” I interrupted snapping at him “Why can’t you just see as any other girl?” I stopped and yelled at him. “Because you’re not!” he burst out, walking back to me.
He reached me after seconds and forcefully started kissing me. I was stunned but kissed him back after a moment. “Come with me” he said barely even looking at me when he backed out of the kiss, took my hand and dragged me with him.
after less than 2 minutes we arrived at Harry’s place where he lived alone. I hadn’t been there before so I looked around as long as I could. I was forced to stop looking around when Harry turned to face me, picked me up from the floor and led into a passionate kiss. I dropped the things I had in my hand and wrapped my legs around him to keep myself up as he walked with me to the nearest wall. He slammed my back against the wall and I felt an exciting pain of passion. Harry slipped his tongue through my lips and deepened the kiss.
Harry lifted us over to the kitchen counter that was a couple of meters away. He put me down just before we reached the counter and pushed me the last space backwards into it. My pants were quickly pulled off and afterwards also my shirt and shoes. I thought it was Harry’s turn to get undressed and pulled off his shirt to show his amazing abs. Harry pulled in to another kiss. I placed my hands on his belt signaling I wanted him.
He took the hint and pulled out of the kiss. He turned me around so he was now facing my back. I felt my bra being ripped off and my hotpants being dragged down and off. I was now completely naked against Harry’s kitchen counter with Harry pressing his body against me from behind. I could feel his boner through his pants.
Harry pulled slightly away to pull down his pants so nothing was between us. Without anything else he bend me over, grabbed my hips and pulled his huge erection into me. He began thrusting after a few seconds of adjusting. He was aggressive in his thrust but it didn’t hurt too much because I always enjoyed Harry.
He sneaked his one hand down to my clit and started circling around it with his finger. I moaned by his gentle touch in front and his rough in the back.
I felt Harry’s body tense up when his orgasm came. I came just a few second after him. Harry slowly slipped away from me and pulled up his pants. He walked further into the apartment without even looking at me. He had a satisfied look on his face but he didn’t look happy. I guess he hasn’t forgotten completely.
I put on my hotpants and jeans and walked in the direction that he had just gone while taking on my shirt.

I found him sitting on his black leather couch just looking into the air. I walked over and sat next to him. He was a bit leaned to the side of the armrest so I leaned into him almost lying down because of the smooth leather.
I knew he was thinking about the stranger at the café. “Can you forgive me?” I asked him sweetly while taking his hand in mind and studying it. “It was a slutty and dumb thing to do” he said with no emotion in his voice or body. “But can you forgive me?” I asked again. “Yeah” he said again with no emotion. I wasn’t sure if he really meant it but I placed my fingers between his and smiled to myself.

“I really like you” he said finally with warmth in his voice.


Chapter 7:

*A couple of days after. Harry and Emily had been seeing each other almost every day*

Harry and I had a date. Or not an actual date –date but a day to have sex.
‘I’m at yours in 5 min. x’ I texted him while walking.

‘Just let yourself in, love. Xx’ he texted back and I smiled to myself.

I let myself in as Harry said I should and walked in to see Harry lying on the couch with a hand on his head. He didn’t look well.
“Hey babe” he said with a little smile when he saw me. “I’m really tired, we had a lot to do yesterday” he continued. The smile I had on before dropped a little and I had now a more concerned look on my face. “Oh ok, I should go then so you can rest” I said and smiled at the end so he wouldn’t feel sorry for me having to go home again. “No babe you can stay, please stay?” he said and grabbed my arm before I was too far away for him to reach. I smiled facing Harry again. I was glad he actually wanted me to stay with him.
“Come lay with me” he said and I crawled over him and lay myself next to him putting a hand on his chest and my head on his shoulder.

After some time Harry sat up right. “We should probably do something, shouldn’t we?” he asked looking at me. I sat myself on him so I straddled him. “Like sex? Or something else?” I asked not knowing which one he meant. “Can’t we ever do something other than have sex?” he looked a little angry. I wanted to ease him up so I put my hands behind his neck and moved closer to him. “Well if you don’t just wanna have sex it must mean that you like hanging out with me” I said smiling hoping that he did want to be with me.
“I definitely like hanging out with you” he smiled and picked me up and walked to his bedroom. “I thought we were doing something other than sex?” I asked confused. “We are. After we have sex” he said smirking.

Harry dropped me on the bed and climbed over me and began kissing me. He kissed me down the neck and to my collarbone. I sat up a little and took off me clothes as fast as I could. Harry did the same. Even though we had been doing it for a while we never got bored of each other. I liked it. A lot.
“Been working out lately, have we?” I said biting my lip at the sight of his toned abs. “Do you like?” he said pointing at his abs with a proud smile. “Very” I said while placing my hands on him. He crawled over me once again and made me lay down. I wasn’t wearing anything while Harry still had his boxers on. I chased my hands down Harry’s body until I reached his boxers and pulled them down. His massive erection was now free. I placed a hand around the shaft and brushed my fingers over the tip of his cock. Harry groaned and grabbed both of my hands pulling them over my head. His body came closer to mine and he shoved himself into me. I wrapped my legs around him to let him in even further, to feel him even more.
Harry began thrusting after a moment. He started out slow and gentle but with time it became harder and quicker. Harry leaned in to kiss me sometimes but with the loud moans that had to come out it was hard to keep the kiss going for long.
I felt the wave of pleasure take over my body and it felt so good. A second after I felt Harry come too. His body tensed and relaxed a bit after without being sloppy. He pulled out and kissed me. He then took on his clothes. I took on my underwear and went to Harry’s closet to take on one of his shirts. I liked walking around in his shirts when it was just us. It was the only time I could.
Harry had walked to the kitchen when I pulled out one of his blazers. I put it on but didn’t button it so you could still see my stomach and cleavage.

Harry’s POV:

I walked to the kitchen and was met by someone opening the front door and coming in. He looked at me smiling “Hey mate I was just coming for my IPod” he said walking to the living room area.

Emily’s POV:

I went to the mirror, checked my makeup and then went to the kitchen to find Harry. He looked back when he heard me coming and he didn’t look happy. He waved his hands at me and looked like something terrible was about to happen but I just walked up to him not knowing what he was up to, wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my toes leaning into a kiss. Harry grabbed my hips and pulled me slightly away. I looked at him with a confused look but he was distracted by something behind me. “What-“ I said looking back but froze when I saw him. He looked at Harry and me and didn’t look happy to see us at all. Especially not together.

Harry tried beginning to explain “Liam, it’s not-“


Chapter 8:

“Liam, it’s not-“ Harry tried to explain but was cut off by Liam “What the fuck, Harry?!” he blurred out. Liam was always the one to keep everything cool between everyone so of course he was frustrated. If Liam gets this upset I’m scared to know what Louis will do.
Liam now looked at me “Em, I think you should get dressed and go home now” he said with no anger in his voice. It was like all of the blame was on Harry and I hadn’t done anything even though that was completely untrue. I looked back at Harry and he just looked at me with an agreeing look so I went to Harry’s bedroom and changed into my own clothes. I could hear Harry and Liam talking but it was too quietly for me to hear. When they saw me they went silent.

Harry’s POV:

Emily went to my bedroom to get changed. When she was out of sight Liam started but kept it down so she wouldn’t hear “Harry, what are you doing? You know Louis is gonna kill you right?” I sighed, I didn’t want to think about what Louis would do to me if he found out really. “I know Liam, it’s just that-“ I was cut off by Liam who whisper yelled at me “What Harry?! What reason could you possibly have to mess around with your best friends sister?!” When he said that I didn’t know what to say it just came out. I whisper yelled a little louder than Liam, but silent enough so Emily wouldn’t hear.

Liam looked at me with a surprised and scared look when Emily walked in. I was a bit upset about Liam making such a big deal out of it even though it was a big deal so I walked to Emily, took her hand and lead her to the door. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it” I said before she could say anything. I kissed her on the cheek. Without anything else she went home, and I had to return to Liam who probably had a whole lecture for me.

Emily’s POV:

I was at home and couldn’t think about anything else than Liam. The big question was if he was gonna tell Louis about what he had discovered. I was worried that he might.


Chapter 9:

I was sitting in my room worrying about what Liam would do when Harry called. I sighed of relief. I would finally find out what Harry and Liam had come up with. I hoped it involved all of us not telling Louis.

I picked up the phone. “Hey”

“Hey babe” he said. He sounded tired or disappointed. I hoped he was just tired.

“So, will he tell?” I asked desperate to know if Liam would tell Louis.

“No, but he wants me to tell him”

********** two days after **********

I locked myself in to Harry’s apartment with the key he had given me. I wasn’t sure why exactly I had gotten it but I liked the fact that he trusted me with it. I went in and closed the door. Harry came in when he heard me. He only had boxers on. “Did you just wake up?” I asked him while walking over and wrapped my arms around his neck. “No I’ve been up for half an hour or so” he said smiling down at me. “But I was hoping you came over so I could go back to bed with you” He continued and winked. “Oh you did, did you” I winked back. He walked me backwards into the bedroom and into the bed. I stepped out of my shoes on the way. He crawled over me in the bed and kissed me from my lips, down my neck and to my collarbone. “Let’s get all of those clothes off you. You look much sexier without it” he winked and started buttoning up my dress. He took of the belt and continued buttoning up the dress slowly while kissing the newly exposed skin. He stopped right before my hotpants and threw the dress on the floor. Soon after came the bra off too.
He ran his hands up and down my almost completely naked body. I rolled on top of him, pulled off his boxers and took his erection in my hand. I brushed my fingers over the tip of his cock and began moving my hand up and down his shaft. A loud groan came from him.
As Harry rolled on top of me again I took my hand off his cock. Harry quickly removed my hotpants and placed his erection between my legs where the hotpants had just been. “Harry, fuck me now” I moaned, and with that he pulled himself in and another load moan came from me. I wrapped my legs around him and after a moment of adjusting Harry began thrusting. It was hard and firm.
I could feel he was gonna come soon and I was too. I loudly moan when my orgasm came to surface and I could feel Harry come moments later.

We were still in bed. I had taken on my hotpants and one of Harry’s shirts. Harry was beside me in a pair of boxers. I was lying in his arms and he dragged a finger around my face while I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. After he stopped and said; “I have something for you”. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was smiling. “2 seconds, I’ll just get it” he said and walked out of the bedroom.
When he came back he had a long box in his hands. “Harry, you actually bought me something?” I asked smiling. “Yes I did” he smiled wide.
I opened the box and in it was a beautiful heart necklace. I put a hand to my lips in amazement og the gorgeous piece of jewelry. “Oh my god, Harry. It’s so beautiful!” “It’s real” he said. I was shocked  “What?”
“It’s real diamonds, babe” he explained. “Wow Harry, it’s absolutely gorgeous, I love it” I smiled at him, placing a hand on his cheek and kissing him on the lips.

Louis’ POV:

Liam, Niall, Zayn and I were sitting with management, discussing a new tour and stuff when Paul asked us something rather unexpected; “So boys, do you know what Harry have been spending almost 500 pounds on at a jewelry shop?” We couldn’t answer him. We were all very clueless to what Harry could have used that money for at a jewelry shop.
We were gonna get some tea or coffee and then go to find Harry and ask him about what he had bought.

Emily’s POV:

I could see Harry sitting by the table. I could see he was thinking about the “telling-Louis”-thing because he looked worried. I wanted to lighten up his mood so I went over and sat on his lab with my arms around his neck. He instantly smiled. “Don’t worry, we’ll tell when we want to, ok?” I said. His smile faded when he realized that I knew that he was worrying about it. “Yeah, I just don’t like the fact that Lou is gonna kill me when he finds out”.
“How about we go to Starbucks and get some good tea for you?” I asked. “Good idea” he finally smiled again.

We ordered what we wanted at Starbucks and were waiting for it to be done. Harry walked closer to me and grabbed me by my waist. He pulled me into him and kissed me.

Louis’ POV:

The boys and I went out to get some warm drinks and then find Harry. There was a Starbucks on the way to Harry’s apartment so we decided to stop there and get our drinks. I was the first to walk through the door and instantly I saw my sister. She was with a guy and the guy was Harry.


Chapter 10:

I put my hands on Harry’s chest when he pulled me close to him by my waist. I slid my hands up by his neck when he kissed me. They went back on his chest when we got interrupted though. “What the fuck are you doing to my sister?!” a too recognizable voice shouted. Harry turned his head to look in the direction the shouting came from but got punched in the face the second he did. It was Louis and he was mad. Very mad.
Harry fell to the floor and people in the café looked shocked at the scene when Louis got on top of Harry and punched him again. I tried to get him off. “Louis, stop!” I begged him and he did. He got up, grabbed my arm and dragged me out without a word. I looked back to see Harry slowly getting up while people gathered around him.

When Louis had dragged me all the way home I walked straight to my room. I tried calling and texting Harry to see if he was ok. The only thing I got from him was an “I’m fine” and nothing more. I knew that Louis was gonna watch my every move from now on so I couldn’t go out to see Harry and ask him what was up with him being cold towards me. I was forced to wait.
I now had a lot of extra time on my hands so I texted Narin, Fie and Faidao about the situation like we always do when any of us are in trouble. I kept my call line open so Harry could call me. I wouldn’t want to miss it if he decided to actually talk to me.
My friends told me that of course the situation was gonna blow over and they made me calm down a bit. It was nice to have friends who didn’t freak too much about it when Louis was downstairs probably just waiting to shout and interrogate me.

 The next couple of days was spent in school and if not there, at a friend’s house or in my room. Louis and I were completely silent.

Louis’ POV:

I didn’t know what to say or think. I had no idea what was going on but I sure wasn’t gonna let this go. I didn’t talk to Harry and he didn’t talk to me. I guess he was mad at me for punching him.
I just did my part of the work, smiled for all of the fans and got home as fast as I could. The other boys wanted to know what was going on but neither of us was willing to talk about it.

********** couple of days later **********

Emily’s POV:

It was weekend and I had just woken up. I took a shower first, to get the weekend kicked in and then went to get dressed in Afterwards I went down to the kitchen to make some tea. The house was quiet as it had been the last couple of days. It was unbearable. I absolutely hated it.
As any other day I did my thing but then Louis came and sat on a chair by the kitchen counter. “Could you make me some too?” he asked calmly. I was surprised by the fact that he was so calm and like any other day. “Sure” I just said.
“So Em, are you gonna tell me what’s going on?”


Chapter 11:

“So Em, are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” Louis asked me more calmly than I had expected. I sighed. “Yeah, what do you wanna know?”
Louis went from surprisingly calm to a bit more cold “I’d like to know what the hell is going on with you and Harry” he said strictly. “Nothing anymore! He won’t talk to me after you beat him up!” I blurred out. Louis looked surprised by the fact that Harry and I weren’t really seeing each other anymore. “Good” he just said quietly. I was a little bitter towards Louis but I knew it would only get better from now on.

********** Monday after the weekend **********

The rest of the boys had been told about the whole “situation”

Louis’ POV:

We were in the studio and were just sent to break so we sat down in the snack room where we filled us with lunch and snacks. We sat back after eating and relaxed when Niall suddenly brought up something that seemed like old matter. “Oh Harry, Paul wants to know what you’ve used almost 500 pounds on at a jewelry shop” he said. I could see Harry froze up and looked a bit awkward. “Uhm, I bought a necklace for.. a friend” he quickly looked at me to see how I reacted.
I knew who he meant when he said “a friend” and to be honest, I came as a big surprise because he never really used money on anybody unless they were someone really close to him.
But that didn’t mean that I wanted Harry and Emily to be together again though.

Niall didn’t understand what all of us others understood so he asked further into the necklace “Who’s your friend? She must be important” he said while putting more snacks in his mouth. Harry cleared his throat by the awkward situation. “Yeah Niall, she was” he just said with a quiet voice.
Was? Isn’t she still?” Niall kept asking. He was oblivious to what Harry was talking about and Harry knew it. He also knew that Niall wouldn’t stop asking about it before he knew everything there was to know so Harry took the shortcut even though it would make the situation even more awkward. “Niall, the necklace was for Emily”
An awkward silence filled the room and the only thing that was said was Niall’s “oh”.

********** a couple of weeks after **********

Emily’s POV:

Louis wasn’t watching my every move anymore but I knew that he still didn’t want me to see Harry – ever. Of course that was hard to do and especially when I had been invited to go to a party the boys were throwing after one of their concerts. They had also invited some fans who didn’t seem all too crazy.

I dressed in: and went to the car Louis had arranged for me.
I walked into the club where the boys had their party and was greeted by music blasting and a massive group of people dancing. I had learned by now that the boys didn’t ever have small parties.

I got a drink from the bar, danced a little, got more drinks from the bar and talked to many girls who wanted to know all about the boys because they couldn’t get to them by the massive swarm of girls surrounding them so you couldn’t even see them through the crowd.
I saw one of the boys’ usual security guards stand by a door looking scary but he didn’t fool me. I already knew all of the boys’ “people” and I knew they liked me. “Hey Tom, what are you guarding there?” I asked him sweetly trying not to look too tipsy. He smiled instantly when he saw it was me talking to him. “Oh hey Emily. I probably shouldn’t say it out loud with so many people around” he said and then he opened the door “but I don’t think he would mind” he continued as I walked inside an almost dark room. Before I could ask about who was in there Tom closed the door.
I turned around to look around in the room and was met by a pair of eyes looking almost horrified at me.

“What are you doing here?”


Chapter 12:

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked.
I waited to answer and even though I was a bit tipsy I walked over to him sitting on a couch. I placed my knees on each side of him and sat down, straddling him. I leaned into his ear and whispered: “Well that’s not a nice way to greet the girl you’ve been fucking-“I placed a kiss on his neck. “over” a kiss on his jaw. “and over”. Then I kissed his lips.

Harry’s POV:

She looked ridiculously hot and I couldn’t resist her. It was easier to keep my hands off of her when she wasn’t near but when she was literally sitting on my lab I couldn’t just walk away.
I wanted Louis and I to be like we were before and I thought staying away from Emily would do that even though I regretted it a thousand times every day, but when Emily was sitting on my lab, kissing me, all of my thoughts went blank and I just wanted her.

Emily’s POV:

I thought Harry would complain to me just a little before giving in but he didn’t. I could feel he wanted it just as much as I did so I kissed his lips again and he instantly kissed me back. His tongue slipped between my lips and deepened the kiss.
I pulled away for a moment to take off Harry’s usual black blazer and white t-shirt. I ran my hands down his torso and felt his amazing abs while Harry zipped down my dress and pulled it off so I was sitting in just my lace underwear. My hands reached Harry’s belt and fumbled a bit but got it open after a moment. I lifted up my body, pushed his pants to his ankles and straddled him again. I could see his growing bulge underneath his boxers. Harry leaned in for another kiss and I gave it to him while I rubbed his boxers and felt his bulge turn harder. “I want you right now, Harry” I moaned between kisses.
Harry lightly pushed me off him and pulled his boxers down to his pants while I quickly got out of my underwear. I straddled him once again but pushed in his cock this time. I had missed it. Harry placed his hands on my ass when I began riding him.
I placed my hands on Harry’s thighs, pushed my head back and moaned of the pleasure Harry gave me.
I felt Harry’s orgasm arrive and that drove me to mine. I moaned loudly and was grateful that the music was so loud outside the door that nobody could hear me.


After getting descent again, Harry and I walked back out to the party. Harry was instantly surrounded by fans. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to talk to him for the rest of the night so I took a cab home and waited for the guys to come home and crash after the party.

I woke up in my room by a light knocking on my door. I walked over and opened it just a little bit to see who it was. I opened it fully when I realized it was Harry. I hadn’t heard the guys come home. “Hey” he said with a low voice suggesting that the other boys were also home with him. “Nice shirt” he pointed out while walking into my room. I was wearing an oversized One Direction t-shirt that Louis had given me when it came out.
I closed the door and turned around to face Harry. “Thanks. What’s up?” I said smiling.
“I just can’t keep away from you so I was hoping I could sleep here” he said making his best puppy dog eyes.

How could I say no to that face? And that body!


Chapter 13:

I woke up by someone kissing my neck. I looked back and saw Harry smiling his cheeky smile at me. “Goodmorning” I said shifting my body to face him. “Goodmorning” he told me back and kissed my lips.
I got out of the bed “well, I’m gonna take a shower” I said and walked to the bathroom. I got out of the clothes I’d been sleeping in after I had turned on the water. After undressing I got into the shower and felt the now hot water on my skin.
The water had only been flowing on my skin for a minute when a knock came from the door. I asked about who it was but instead of an answer there was a knock again. I quickly got out and wrapped my towel around me so I could open the door. I unlocked it and opened it a little bit when someone opened it fully and came through the opening. It was Harry and he only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Mind if I join?” Harry winked at me when pulled off both of our towels and forced me into the hot shower in front of him. “I think we can make it work, yeah” I winked back and just after saying that Harry pressed his body against mine and kissed me. I knew Harry had no intentions of actually showering with me when his cock began hardening against me. I traced my hand down and grabbed him by his shaft. Harry groaned silently. “You like that baby?” I whispered in his ear.

I wrapped my arms around Harry’s neck when he picked me up against the cold wall. “Try not to scream” he whispered as he pushed his erection into me. I struggled not to moan too loudly so the other boys in the house could hear us.
Harry began thrusting slowly and quickened after a while as I kissed and nibbled his jaw desperately. He turned his face to mine and pressed his lips eagerly against mine. His tongue quickly sneaked between my lips and massaged against mine. I wanted him as much as I possibly could.
Harry moved his hands from my hips and traced them to my ass and grabbed on firmly, trying to get an even better grip and thrust in even deeper. I was so close and tried to moan out but Harry silenced it by pressing his lips to mine and kept them there because he knew I was gonna moan loudly when he drove me to my orgasm. As my orgasm surfaced I again tried to loudly moan but luckily Harry’s lips stifled the sound.

I got out of the shower after actually showering when Harry had left to sneak on some clothes and go downstairs. I went to my room and got changed into and walked down to the kitchen and saw that all of the boys were up by now.
Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis were sitting at the big dinner table waiting for breakfast that Harry was making in the kitchen. I walked over and sat by the table and joined in on their talk. The talk was not at all awkward as I had thought it would be with all of the boys and me together when they all knew about what me and Harry had going on. Of course they didn’t know that we had restarted it but I appreciated the ordinary talk so I didn’t want to start any drama or awkwardness by telling.
The breakfast finally came on the table and we all sat quietly and ate. I sometimes looked over at Louis and there was no sign of worrying about me and Harry together. I enjoyed it and I didn’t want to be the cause of him frowning.

After breakfast all of the boys helped taking the plates and rests of food to the kitchen while I stood lazily by the kitchen and watched them work.

Harry’s POV:

I was walking to the kitchen after everything had been cleaned up and saw Emily standing by the counter of the kitchen. I didn’t know why I did it; I guess it was just a reflex or something. I walked past her and quickly kissed her like it was the most normal thing ever. I looked up to see if anyone had noticed my sudden doing.

I hoped that none of the guys had seen but as I feared all of them were staring at me like I was crazy.


Chapter 14:

Harry’s POV:

I looked up to see everyone staring at me like I was crazy but before anyone could say anything I was roughly pulled in my arm and dragged to another room. When I got into the room the door was slammed shut and Emily was looking directly at me. She looked very angry.

“Have you gone mad?!” she almost shouted at me.

I knew there was no easy way out of this. Not when all of the boys had seen it.
“Calm down, Em! I’m sorry” I said and moved closer to her and put my hands on her arms to calm her down. She slowly breathed out and didn’t look completely angry at me anymore so I hugged her tight knowing that it always made her feel better. We stood there for a while until Emily turned her face to me. “What are we gonna do now?” she asked me with a worried expression on her face. I hated to see her like that. “It’s ok, we’re just gonna go out there and see what happens” I answered. I tried to sound as confident as I could to make her worrying fade away. I could see it helped when she slightly smiled at me. I smiled back of just relief that she was feeling better.
I removed my arms from around her and moved them upwards towards her face, cupping it with my hands. I kissed her lightly, then took her hand and walked out the door to face the scary truth that was facing us. We had to tell Louis that we needed to be together.

All of the boys were at the exact spot we left them in until Louis came quickly walking towards us. Before I had a chance to speak he grabbed my arm and walked with me into the living room and sat me on the couch. Louis sat next to me and just looked at me. I was too terrified of his reaction to say anything.

We just sat there for a long time until he closed his eyes and sighed out as he said; “fine I’ll let you be”. Then he looked me directly in the eyes “but if you ever hurt her I’m gonna kill you, Harry”.

I just smiled; “I won’t”

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